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Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Rice Dumpling!

Is time to eat rice dumpling again! It is the Rice Dumpling Festival or also known as Dragon Boat Festival. In Chinese, 端午节(Duan Wu Jie)..
I had ordered a special Rice Dumpling from a famous shop at Lebuh Cintra. Picture of the shop are shown below.

There are lots of dumplings in the shop!! Because is the season!!

And now.. behold.. the Big Rice Dumpling (菓蒸粽) which is around 1.5kg!! Around 15cm width and 9cm height!! Wow...

And the portion is enough for 6 people!! The ingredients of this Big Rice Dumpling included duck meat, chicken, egg, pork, mushroom, beans and lots... Wow.. It is really special.. Haha.. I think next year might take an order again. Haha.

1 comment:

ismeweiwei said...

haha... still feel that small one better, too big... like 叶子楣大包 also "nice to see, not nice to eat" =P

sorry...long time never visit ur blog =P hahha..端午节快乐 ><

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