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Saturday, March 8, 2008


Ya, earthquake just happen here. First time experience.. I notice my table shake first because was using laptop then notice the whole room shake little little.. :P
Then went to check the news, it was really happened, and the news is updated very often.
It happened at around 1.55am and the report are shown here.
Although just "level 1" but can felt the shake since Japan building is a bit different. No concrete wall. I think got around 10 seconds. :P After that, the room light went blinking for few seconds. Scary huh? Excited ? What will you feel if it was you in this situation? I don't know how was my feeling..
Anyway, I am safe. Just write out my feeling. See you. Read more here...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chinatown (中華街)

It is weekend, so seniors and I went to the Chinatown(中華街) to experience how Chinatown will celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Erm.. it is in the Yokohama area too.

As you will see in the picture, it only a place that have a small stage which sponsored by.. You all should know.. it looked so clear.. Haha..
and a couple of performers perform on the stage..

The place is start to be crowded after a while and to take a good shot is a tough work, and eventually I found a "clever" people doing this, refer to the picture below.
Amazing right? Like this also can.. :)

Also a place for visitors to take picture with the "Lion Dance Head".. :)

And below is the place that selling many stuff about Panda.. all Panda.. really..
It is called 横浜大世界(DASKA)

A Panda standing outside DASKA do attract many visitors..

Do you want some Panda Pau?

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Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

Ok, you all sure will say it is too late for me to post about this right? But still I want to share.. :) Like I mention before, Japan do not have public holiday for Chinese New Year, so we celebrate ourself.. Haha.. Seniors and I went for steamboat which is the must for Chinese New Year right? Here is the soup before boil...

And for the ingredients..

Ya, that's all and plus another plate of mee(which i forget to take picture) :P
This is the second time I did not spend my Reunion Dinner with family.. The first time was when I am working part-time at Singapore, work as a grocery shop helper. Learned a lot during the period.. Will share it if have chance.. :)
Ok, see you..

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World Heritage Exhibit Built With Lego

For LEGO lovers, will you all customize build anything that LEGO never release? Do you all saw this big of LEGO?

Ok, now I bring to those LEGO lovers,
PIECE OF PEACE - World Heritage Exhibit Built With Lego!!

Ok, i not going to comment which is which heritage. First, it is easy to know, Second, some of it I don't know, Haha! Sorry ya.. Showtimes!

Wow.. that's nice! For more high resolution, please visit my album at the left side of my blog,ok? Have a nice day!

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Aomi (青海) Part Two

Now I will continue with the place that I give it a A++ marks because it is worth it. It is the inner part of the Palette Town! It is called Venus Fort. Nice name too. Haha.

When I stepped into the Venus Fort, Wow! That is nice! The design inside is really cool, is just liked i been went to another country! And one nice thing is the sky will change from time to time and it is definitely look real and without notice.. It will change from day to night and from night to day. You all can see the pictures below. :)

Why it is called Venus Fort? I don't know.. Sorry! Maybe because of this fountain? :P

And another Ferris Wheel here, and this is sooo big!! In addition, when night..
have a look by yourself..:)

How is it? Haha.. Now is the turn for Odaiba, some pictures only because it is already late that day.

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