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Saturday, March 8, 2008


Ya, earthquake just happen here. First time experience.. I notice my table shake first because was using laptop then notice the whole room shake little little.. :P
Then went to check the news, it was really happened, and the news is updated very often.
It happened at around 1.55am and the report are shown here.
Although just "level 1" but can felt the shake since Japan building is a bit different. No concrete wall. I think got around 10 seconds. :P After that, the room light went blinking for few seconds. Scary huh? Excited ? What will you feel if it was you in this situation? I don't know how was my feeling..
Anyway, I am safe. Just write out my feeling. See you.

1 comment:

ismeweiwei said...

wow.. your are 'lucky' to experience it before come back Msia :P

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