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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chinatown (中華街)

It is weekend, so seniors and I went to the Chinatown(中華街) to experience how Chinatown will celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Erm.. it is in the Yokohama area too.

As you will see in the picture, it only a place that have a small stage which sponsored by.. You all should know.. it looked so clear.. Haha..
and a couple of performers perform on the stage..

The place is start to be crowded after a while and to take a good shot is a tough work, and eventually I found a "clever" people doing this, refer to the picture below.
Amazing right? Like this also can.. :)

Also a place for visitors to take picture with the "Lion Dance Head".. :)

And below is the place that selling many stuff about Panda.. all Panda.. really..
It is called 横浜大世界(DASKA)

A Panda standing outside DASKA do attract many visitors..

Do you want some Panda Pau?

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