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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aomi (青海) Part Two

Now I will continue with the place that I give it a A++ marks because it is worth it. It is the inner part of the Palette Town! It is called Venus Fort. Nice name too. Haha.

When I stepped into the Venus Fort, Wow! That is nice! The design inside is really cool, is just liked i been went to another country! And one nice thing is the sky will change from time to time and it is definitely look real and without notice.. It will change from day to night and from night to day. You all can see the pictures below. :)

Why it is called Venus Fort? I don't know.. Sorry! Maybe because of this fountain? :P

And another Ferris Wheel here, and this is sooo big!! In addition, when night..
have a look by yourself..:)

How is it? Haha.. Now is the turn for Odaiba, some pictures only because it is already late that day.

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