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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aomi (青海) Part One

Haha, it had been a mass post for me today, hope to make it till the latest, sorry for the delay, hope these new posts will make you all forgive me.. forgive and forget I did not update blog.. Haha.. (Something like curse, ahahaha)

Ok, back to the topic, this time I went to Aomi (青海), it is located near Tokyo Big Site which will held a quite numbers of event in a year.
(Spoiler:I went one of the events called Wonder Festival, wonder what is Wonder Festival? Stay tune for few more post!)

The main attractiveness here is the Palette Town.Nice name huh?

And inside this Palette Town, is really full of surprises! It is not what you look from outside. Ya, outside.. That means inside got many surprises!

First, the Tokyo Big Site..

The map..

And bunch of cars! because there is a Toyota Showcase Center!

Still have a lot in my albums, so for more cars, go to the link ok? I still need to continus for others, :P
And Historic Car Garage.. Have car from movies too. Like Back To The Future, Ultraman and Initial-D!

Ok, that is for Part One, only the showcase center itself.. :P and next is Part Two, Venus Fort with a little additional - Odaiba(お台場)

1 comment:

Oliver said...

Great to see that there is classic car enthusiasts in Japan! Do you know classic car events in Japan that we should add on ?

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