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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Malaysia Petrol Price.. OMG! RM2.70!!

Well.. I think Malaysian know what happen to this RM2.70..

Yes. The petrol price increase again in Malaysia. It is now RM2.70 per liter
and compared to the old price which is RM1.92 per liter.. It is the highest increment so far.. Although my car is small but it still need petrol!!

Aiks.. Everything increase except salary.. :P

I cannot imagine the price of the food.. There will be a chain reaction for sure.. Oh my.. This time eat sand lo..

Any idea to overcome? She say work from home wo... Need to car pool for working already.. aiks aiks..


Ainuddin said...

I'm lucky since I use my car less than 10km/day since I'm a full-time Internet Publisher.

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Anonymous said...

I have always believed that as a leader, one must be innovative and must be able to lead with innovative new ideas without passing the buck to someone else. In my eyes, the simple saying that 'The Buck Stops Here' applies to all leaders. Unfortunately, our leaders like seem to have no innovative ideas whatsoever other than to pass the buck over to the poor citizens of the country. So what kind of leaders do we have? Maybe, Malaysia would be in a better country and we citizen would have a better life if Anwar Ibrahim becomes our prime minister.
Somethime ago in the late 80's or was it early 90's, I remember laughing with some of my friends when I told them that Petamina was the only oil company in the world that shows annually losses while all other oil companies show profit. Now Malaysia is the only oil producing country in the world that periodically increases it's petrol and diesel price. What a laugh this must be to all other countries in the world.

AL said...

Yeah.. you've hit the pressure point.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invitation al. However can't seem to get into the directory given. Could you please list it again - seems like the one printed in your mail is incomplete.


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