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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things i bought in Japan (Part III)

Well, it is not totally things i bought in Japan, cause few some of them are bought from Malaysia. Maybe a little 10% of it. :P

Before that, show my recent work of Gundam Model Kit. or so called "Gunpla".
SD Gundam Astray Gold Frame with simple hand paint on some parts, and lining.

Ok, time to share my collection.

Some Mini Cosbaby from HotToys, Star Wars Gashapon, FF Gashapon, SD Stargazer Gundam

HG Stargazer Gundam, Monster Hunter Weapon Set, Alien Gashapon, and others.

And Monster Hunter Action Figure! Hunter Set and King of the Sky, Rathalos!

Lastly, Keroro version 1.5, not built by me. :P

That's all for this post, will try to post on specific collection next time.


chensiangkee said...

Nice one~... KR head statue and also alien figure... >.< I want i want~!!

wenhui said...

Why guys like Gundam so much?
My brother also the same. Next time I show you his collection

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