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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sony Rolly

I think some people do know about this product, but too bad it did not launched at Malaysia, but I think Mid Valley Sony Style got showcase.. Maybe is the market problem.. quite costly.. but i got it for nearly a 50% off.. which is used but new... :p

Well, short introduction, Rolly is digital robotic music player from Sony.. It will dance to the music.. The motion data can be set by using the software called Motion Editor that came with it, or let it dance by its own intelligence.. but 1GB memory only..


Soshi said...

LOL, the Rolly stuff does real fun when it comes to Rock n' Roll~ でも、いまなおすこしたかいね。ひひ。

Musashi said...

well, you cannot buy this in Malaysia.. exclusive.. :P

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