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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Japanese Police

Am on the train and suddenly think of a special incident I met. Yap, is about Japanese police. I was waiting for my friend at the train station(駅,えき,eki), suddenly a guy approached me and show me his ID and it was the police ID, I was confused and so he asked for my name and he want to check my bag.

My bag was filled with my camera(カメラ,kamera), and my Sony Rolly(ローリー, ro-ri-), and make my bag looked fat, but it looked suspicious for him. So I was very cooperative and show him what I got and included my passport(パスポート,Pasupo-to). But when he saw the passport, he was very surprised as I am actually a foreigner(外国人,がいこくじん,Gaikoku-jin). For me, it was not the first time I been mistaken as Japanese.. Aiks..
Anyway, after that he say "Sorry" to me instead of Sumimasen(Sorry in Japanese). Haha.. In this incident, I can know the difference between Japanese Police and Malaysian Police.. The way they asking, act... Totally different.. Malaysian police do scared people, Haha.. Always want a cup of coffee.. :P

Oh ya, how do you all found the random Japanese word in my post? Please comment, Thanks.

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