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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another day.

Like usual, walking to the station, and went for working. Before go to office, walk to nearby vending machine and bought a can of hot tea, :P

Nice to have it in the cold morning. This drink is hot! 100 yen.

Today the work quite keep me busy, until did not realize already lunch time. :P Again, senior brought me to eat. This time is Italian restaurant i think, because the menu shown mainly is pasta and pizza. But i order what my senior had recommend. This! Hamburger Set, with mushroom, potato and egg, add another rice. Rice is extra one.

Not bad, quite tasty, sorry that did not take picture of that hamburger. Been covered up already.Cost around 800 yen. Haha.

Erm, then later dinner i eat McD, at the Eda Station. I order Mega Tamago regular set, i had taken picture of it already, but forget to save, aiks. So end up showing picture that other people taken, Pai se la.. But it is really big, bigger than BIG MAC!! I nearly cannot finish my french fries which is only regular size. (Details about the "regular size", look my previous post)

Haha, that's all for today. Tomorrow got some small party in office. Stay tune, Miss you all.

1 comment:

Alien said...

wah~ the burger looks so yummmmmy i want try toooooo... and the size is.... wahaha...

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