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Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year Party.. 新年会/忘年会

As i said before, today my department will held a party, free for me, :P since i am new there. Haha. They call it 新年会 or 忘年会.. Their new year is on 1st January. So this party is considered late, Haha.. And I want to tell that they do not celebrate Chinese New Year, do not ask me why, i am very sure that there is no holiday in Japan for Chinese New Year, so do not misunderstand for some of you, :P

So today went to office, i brought along my new digicam. On the way from my living place to Eda Station, i will always pass by a house that having a very nice garden. The owner put some cute little statues. Will take more pictures on those. Show one first. Haha

And before go to office, bought another hot drink again, Haha. This time also tea, but is teh-o.. Haha. Yesterday one is teh susu. :P

And time for party! Haha. Having something that may called it Japanese Steamboat.. The package gave you free flow of drinks from their menu, including beer and sake, Japanese's favourite. For me, a little for kanpai only. Haha.

First, we are served some salad and Sashimi. The salad nice, and the Sashimi.... Not bad la, just..Erm, have to used to it. Haha. Right after that, is a fish, unknown fish that nice to eat! :)

Lastly, the main course! Good one, since it is winter now.. Haha.. Got fish,mushrooms, oyster and Tofu. Their Tofu is really different. After finish this, they even give some Udon (Or can called it Japanese mee) to cook in the soup! Nice!

That's all for today. Tomorrow i will go Akihabara(秋葉原)!! Must-Go-Place for who ever come to Japan, Well-Known for electronics, games and anime!! Haha..


wenhui said...

you posted your message so early.
Nice posts and good description.
Post more pictures and places that you have been and food you have been eaten in here.

wailoon said...

wah,tomorow remember to introduce some interesting things o,lol

xar said...

so delicious..i also wan to eat leh...u post to me la..pls..hehe..
u very happy no need so fast bc malaysia la..hehe...sashimi..i like it...haih..u so good cn taste all good food..anywhere..take k lo..

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