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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finally, Akihabara!

Ok, here come weekend! Today senior will bring me to Akihabara
(秋葉原), and we met at Shibuya before going there. While waiting for them, i snap a picture near the station exit. :)

For lunch, we went for original Japan Sushi in Shibuya! When i first step in the shop, wow! I can really smell the fish! It is so fresh.. no like Sushi-K*ng. :P And the size....erm... Another thing is here almost all is raw fish.. almost.. even have duck.. special le.. All that i had eaten, i can give A+. Haha! And those like what one plate 6 pieces one.. Here dun have wo.. Haha.. Erm, this shop special.. need to eat 7 plates or more in 30 minutes, then they count each 105 yen.. Can consider cheap.. since all same price.. no what colour plate what price. Haha. Here is the snapshot of the shop. Er, no Sushi picture, Pai se but it is really bigger and fresher than Sushi-K*ng. :P

After lunch, of course head for Akihabara! Wow! Excited! Haha.. It is around 28 minutes from Shibuya Station by taking the JR Line train. :) But today raining, quite hard to take good picture.. Anyway, already try my best. :)

As in the pictures, mainly all the shop are selling electronics, games and anime stuff. For games, there are quite many shops that are selling used games or used game consoles, from oldest to newest! Oldest like what we play last time, Mario, Pacman. Newest like Playstation 3 also got used one for sell! Cheaper a bit..:P Like i said just now, raining day, not so many people.. I am finding those people wearing maid costumes, but no chance, raining day plus winter. They all covered up.. Haha, Just notice their special hair band.. :P Tomorrow will go Harajuku(原宿) to try my luck since my senior say there are more this kind of stuff.. Haha. By the way, for those who concern, in the shop, no camera allowed, so no chance to show there are many Revoltech, Gundams and more.. And the price is cheaper than Malaysia some more. Haha.

After few hours, is time for rest and dinner. We dinner at Mos Burger at Akihabara, window shopping at a few more shops. Then we went back to Shibuya. Now, i take the chance to show you all the scene when so many people went across the road. It is truly special. Like in Tokyo Drift movie. Haha. And notice those tree without leaf? They decorated them to make them looked more nice since those trees already botak. Haha.

And that's all for today, tomorrow will got more picture, i hope and will try my best. Haha. See you. P/S: Got bought something for myself.. will put little review. :P


Alien said...

cool~ there really alot of ppl walking around.... the feel so good...(I not mean that many ppl make me feel good...) wahaha

xar said...

1. Not so excited so many Japanese walking cross the road...
2. I love sushi...
3. Japan tree "botak"???? they always say "green environment" de woh...
4. There raining same wif malaysia?

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