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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Things i bought in Japan (Part I)

Haha, i think this should be part 2, since i bought camera first, never mind la, review this first.. :P
Er.. how many of you still remember Masked Rider RX? or so called "Baja Hitam" Haha.. It is truly classic.. So i bought them when i saw these 2 little head. Haha.. Showtimes!

Front View

Left Side View

Right Side View

And it will glow if pressed! That's my simple review. Overall i satisfied with it, that is enough. Haha.


Alien said...

oooOOooo "fly head" wahaha~
the head head got light o.. using battry?? sunlight??

xar said...

u bought how many???
if switch off ur light u will scare?

An_Eternal said...

I already ask u to bring back some japs souvenirs for us but u just bought this

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