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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Harajuku(原宿),Shinjuku(新宿) and Ueno(上野)

Today went to 3 places, Harajuku(原宿),Shinjuku(新宿) and Ueno
(上野). Like i promised, i took many pictures, Haha. Ok, first station is the Harajuku. I took some pictures of the place. A picture means thousand words. So let's take a look!

Harajuku is famous for the temple (明治神宮), Snoopy Town and those peoples wearing "special" costumes standing there offer FREE HUG or for you to take their picture. :P Like i show in the picture, Haha. I even manage to meet a ICE CRAFTING SHOW on the way to the temple. I will post those pictures soon.

Shinjuku will more like a high class place, i saw LV shop with my own eyes, Haha.. i noob.. Never saw this high class brand shop, Haha.. And today they are closing the road, and only allowed people walking. See the picture i took at the middle of the road, :)

Lastly, Ueno is the place that i think most people will like it, can said like pasar malam, Haha. We having Kebab for our dinner, it is very nice, the stall owner is truly a middle east people i think. He know many languages and keep saying different languages greeting to attract customers! The picture of the stall is somewhere above, Haha. After that, having a big takoyaki for snack! Very big! The ingredients have sausage, "little" egg (the one we called bird egg, :P)
, squid and prawn! Special! And just the train road is just above the street only.
Phew.. Tired for choosing the best picture, but i will post the rest in the album in Facebook, i try to arrange it. Erm., Tomorrow is public holiday in Japan, Coming-of-Age Day(成人の日), Japanese who turn 20 this year are celebrated on this day, heard that all girls will wearing Kimono to the temple.. Erm.. Will go try my luck tomorrow, Haha. See you..


Alien said...

oooOOOOoooo japan looks so many ppl leh....and many weird ppl wahaha~

xar said...

1. They offer "free hug" u hv gv o not?
2. Japan really is "human" big ah..close the road for human?
3. U hv go to pray for ur family?
4. Japanese food good?
5. Go LV got buy anything for.....hehe...

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