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Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming-of-Age Day(成人の日)

Haha, i know is late.. Sorry. Got pretty girl, don't worry. Haha. I went to Asakusa 浅草, where one of the famous temple is located. On the way to the temple, saw many girls wearing Kimono. :P and saw weird building... Pictures will be shown below. Haha. Since it is big day, so got quite numbers of mini-stall open, or we call it "penjaja". Haha, selling Japanese Snacks, like Tako-yaki(Sotong Ball), Yaki-soba(Char Mee), Yaki-tori(Fried Chicken) and more. Even Japanese Lok Lok, Haha.. Satay also got.. Show times!

You all may notice the Tokyo Tower right? Yup, we went there after the temple. Pai se cause night scene not so nice, since i am new in photograph also.. Haha. Anyway, show the best picture already. :P

P/S: And got my picture right? The main is not me, is Kimono Girls behind, Haha. Ok, stop here first. Next is Tokyo Dome City and Ginza(銀座) with Nissan Showroom!

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