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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Room & Road to Working Place @ Japan

Ok, now talk about my room in Japan, it is located at
or Eda chou, Aoba-ku,Yokohama, Kanegawa which is terbalik,
神奈川 is Kanegawa , 横浜 is Yokohama, and so on.

Here is some pictures of my room and view from my room.
(My room can saw Mount Fuji if in clear day but since when i wake up, too many mist, when come back, already dark, will take picture of it again in weekend, Haha.)
p/s: here around 4.30pm Tokyo time already dark.

Walking to Eda station (江田駅)from my living place is around 10-15 minutes, with shortcut will be around 10 minutes. (I found this shortcut at second day when i found a guy was behind me a distance when i walking to station, but suddenly disappear, then only after founded that he already bypass me! Haha. later when i back from work, then i tried to find it, luckily i found it. :)

Ok, i will show some pictures around the station.

Japan McD near the station, senior treat me. I choose prawn burger. May show picture i half way eat next time, to show how many those little prawn in there, ahahah. And see the french fries? It is only regular size, to compare in Malaysia.... :P

And taking train to Shibuya station(渋谷駅), 30-45 minutes for normal train that will stop every station (各停) 20-25 minutes for express train (急行) that will skip Eda station. :( Going back can take express, but need change train in middle station. Then, going to work, sure cannot take express, they skip my station.

Then, my working place is around 10-15 minutes from Shibuya Eki, which i will show below.

Ok, i think is enough for this time. Stay tune. :P


Alien said...

Wah~ so special~ got prawn burger... the view from you room so nice!!! I want stay there too~ take more picture to share o~

Teng Han said...

japan is damn so many ppl walking around!! unlike malaysia, travelling by car..but i believe the weather there suitable for expose under the sun..if malaysia, sure die!!

Mcdonald very special, prawn?? wish to hv it in malaysia!! bring bc some memorable souvenir to me ok?? thanks ya!! wuakakakaka!!

-amY- said...

I wan prawn burger!
I wan prawn burger!!
Hehehe....yih sheng,bring me some special prawn burger when u back Msia...:D

xar said...

the prawn is cooked or not?

Musashi said...

yup,cooked already.

Jeslyn said...

french fries in regular size?means it's about large size one in malaysia?

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