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Sunday, January 6, 2008

On the plane to Japan.

Finally, been assigned to Japan for 3-months project. The flight from Penang to KL, ok la.. give juice and peanuts for beverage. No take picture because my PSP camera cacat in low light. :P

Erm, flight to Narita, Japan from KL. Not bad. Got TV screen for each passenger. See the picture below.

Start here, roughly explain what those menu are.

For the movie menu, can choose any movie to watch, with language option, English and some others which i dunno, and of course Japanese. All with japanese subtitle also. Want to know got what movie to watch? Stardust, Meet the Robinsons, Rush Hours 3, The Bourne Ultimatum, and even old movie Gremlins.

Audio is just hear the audio for main screen above corridor(not same with our front TV)

Games is to play games with their special controller.(aiks, forget to take picture of it)Erm, multipurpose one, front is normal controller for TV, back is phone can call international with credit card slot at side to swipe your card, US$7.50 per minutes!! then with front view and turn it horizontal is joystick to play games! Normal games like tetris and Solitaire.

JAL(Japan Airlines) Shop is menu to see the price list for the items JAL sell.

Destination Guide of course is for something like tourist guide, nothing special though.

Audio Playlist is for you to choose any type of songs(Classics, J-Pop, even Asian Musics) then will got someone like DJ to introduce each song before playing. Will explain in English and Chinese. The way he pronounces the song name in english very funny, like pretend a "ANG MO" say chinese. But when he introduce in chinese ok wo.. weird. Should record it one. Wahaha.

Flight Map is show the current status like below pictures.

And some other screen showing world map that indicate where the plane reach and got what place around it, like pass by what place in what country.

And Bird Eye View Camera is the camera view that put underneath the plane. Below is the picture when about to reach. (Did not take before reach since my flight is night, so nothing is see, hahaha)

Last 2 options no special also, one is instruction on arriving Japan like security procedure, another is instruction on the SPECIAL controller i mentioned. :P

And never forget the meal! is exactly the same like below!

No la, kidding.. is below.. (now is for real)

Notice the small bottle besides yogurt? is keeping the soy sauce one, even have bottle cap.

Now is my pai se thing already, see my green tea at upper right in paper cup?

Should in the left hand cup one, which at first i mistaken for bowl putting soy sauce. hahaha.

The stewardess sure laugh.. -_-""

and the bowl in the middle is not my leftover, is they less gave me this bowl. the set should have two side dishes and one of them is this middle one. haha.

Now really is my leftover, haha. i pull the plate a bit to the side to show the secret how their meal is keeping warm. There is a iron plate will transfer the heat from the place they keep this meal directly to the meal plate. So it will be warm.

Me noobs first time eat airplane meal. haha. Long time ago dun count la, went to singapore one. Totally forget already.

Erm, this meal can be rated as 8 marks, what u saw in the meal is different from what you may expected when you taste it. :)

and like what they estimated, i reach Narita, Japan on time which is around 6.43am (Japan time), minus one hour for Malaysia time which is 5.43am.

Cold here.. will post more soon. Go bath now. Now is 10.43pm Japan time.


Tsukuri said...

wah... syok lor...
How's ur 1st working day there?
Does Shibuya got lots of leng lui??
haha!! take k lar >.<

Alien said...

Wah~ so nice~ I want to go tooooo~

Teng Han said...

so jealous on u...even im journalist now, but stil not yet got the chance overseas...someday i believe!! by the way!! take good care!

xar said...

Must enjoy ur life there...waiting u fly bc Msia and tell me the story..

AlexC said...

Alien Card... Kai-jin Kato des-yo?

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