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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Roppongi (六本木)

Erm..Roppongi (六本木).. It is a special place too, there is a term called a city within a city, you all can search at google using the keywords "city within a city" or "tokyo midtown" and will find Roppongi.. Right out of the Roppongi station, you will easily spotted a big spider!! It is indeed an artwork actually.. Haha. Picture shown below. It is really big!

And it is also having some interesting places like TV Asahi(TV Station that brought Doraemon anime series popular), a nice lake(forget the name thought,:P)and more..

Here is the pictures..

And some night scenes..Really nice, I had taken pictures of the same place at different time, and let you all to compare, which is nicer? :)

For more pictures, please visit my photo albums, ok? Haha.. and next is... Snow!!

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