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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ginza (銀座)

Ok, this time is a place called Ginza(銀座), it is a place that can be considered "high-class" :P.. When I first step out from the train station, Wow.. Many unknown branded shop..I can just recognize a few.. Like LV.. Wahaha..
And the purpose I came here is to find Nissan Car Show room and Mac Apple Store mentioned by my friend. And i found this!

It is the Nissan Concept Car! It even has a robot inside..
And there still another car that everyone dreaming for!!

It is Nissan GTR! Wow.. I only see this car with my own eyes first time.. :P

And here is the picture of Mac Apple Store and some of the buildings there.

And like usual, there are still some pictures I took at Ginza. Link is at the left side of my blog. Stay tune for more updates.

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