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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tokyo Dome City

Yup, sorry for the delay.. It had been a couple of busy days for me.. This time I went for the Tokyo Dome City. At first, I was finding the JUMP Shop opened by Shonen Jump that selling stuff of Japanese Manga Character stuff like Naruto and Dragon Ball. But eventually come to this Tokyo Dome City, I thought I am at the wrong place but later I found that the shop is in the Tokyo Dome City.:)
P/S:(Shonen Jump:Weekly Comic Magazine in Japan)
Here is the picture of their front door.

And inside the so-called "city", Wow.. Really amazing..

I never thought that it is so interesting.. There have a theme park that having a roller coaster that will run through a hole on a building! You will see those in the picture later. And of course a ferris wheel. :P There are also a lot of restaurants and shops but mostly amusement things. Ok, no more words, I show the pictures, Haha..

And there a still couples of pictures of Tokyo Dome City at my photo album, you all can click the link at the left side of my blog to view my photos by categories. Thanks for support! And I will proceed with Ginza(銀座)at my next post.

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